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11:00 - 11:50 am  Classes  

205: The Gospels. Pastor Trexler will lead this closer look at Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These familiar books of the New Testament will take on even more meaning for us as we
examine them together.

206: Russian History & Culture. We will examine the end of the Romanov dynasty, the
ensuing revolution which took place as World War I raged, and the rise of communism and
how it affected Russian culture. Participation in classes on the earlier history of Russia are
not a prerequisite for this class, which stands on its own and provides a fascinating look at
20th century Russia. Mary Anne McMillen will facilitate.

207: German for Travelers. Helga Bromm will lead this class that is a refresher as well as a review course for travelers and for everyone interested in learning a new language. Returning students should bring their books or material previously provided. New students with a rudimentary knowledge of the German language are very welcome to join the class.

Helga Bromm, German teacher .jpg

Pr. Trexler

Mary Anne  McMillen

Helga Bromm

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