11:00 - 11:50 am  Classes  

307b: Write Your Life continued. This is the second hour of class 307a. You must sign up for both hours.

308: German for Travelers. Helga Bromm will lead this class that is a refresher as well as a review course for travelers and for everyone interested in learning a new language. Returning students should bring their books or material previously provided. New students with a rudimentary knowledge of the German language are very welcome to join the class. 

309: Using eBay. What eBay offers, how to sign up, fees charged, how to buy and sell on eBay, how to make and receive payments, as well as some tips on shipping items sold. Also, how to download and use associated apps. No prior experience is necessary and no computers will be needed. Dan Wagman will be your guide.

310: Tin Whistles. Learn some history about Irish music, the basics of playing the tin whistle, and the different types of tunes. You will come away playing some fun tunes. No musical experience necessary. D whistles will be provided at cost (approx. $10-15). Led by Cindy Wagman

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