11:00 - 11:50 am

106:  The United States Constitution.  Rick Rakauskas will lead us through the issues and events that led to the writing of the Constitution. He'll describe what the writers had in mind and the compromises necessary to establish it as the Law of the Land. We’ll look at the Articles and Amendments, highlighting the most important of the living document known as the Constitution of the United States.


107:  TV Nostalgia: Bring your Milk Duds and popcorn. It’s time to kick back, relax, and for an hour return to yesteryear. We’ll revisit some past favorite shows including Westerns, Comedies, and Sci-Fi. We’ll learn some trivia about the shows and the cast members who made the characters come alive. Mary Anne McMillen will be your time travel guide.


108:  Stretching with Val.  This class provides the opportunity for gentle exercise tuned to seniors’ needs. Join Val Anderson for a morning stretch and feel better for the effort.


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