11:00 - 11:50 am Winter Classes  


106:  Stretching with Val.  This class provides the opportunity for gentle exercise tuned to seniors’ needs. Join Val Anderson for a morning stretch and feel better for the effort.


107:  Musical History Tour.  We’ll explore the lives, careers, and music of artists from various decades and who represent a variety of music styles. From the '60s, we'll visit the Lovin' Spoonful and The Kinks;  from the '50s, Buddy Holly and Bobby Vinton; from the '20s and '30s, the great Al Jolson. Then from the world of country music, we'll study Eddy Arnold and the always inventive Roger Miller. The life and music of Burt Bacharach will round out our Winter tour.  Join us, and don't forget to keep those vocal cords in shape . . . you'll be needing them! Rick Rakauskas is your tour guide.


108:  Card Crafting.  Nothing says “I Care” like a hand-made greeting card! Daphne Swatek will lead this class in which you’ll make high-quality handmade cards using various papers and inks. The techniques you’ll be learning will carry over to scrapbooking and other projects. Please bring scissors, a small bottle of tacky glue, and a pad of paper (or a mouse pad). Daphne will provide all other necessary supplies. (There is a $5 supplies fee for this class. Please include that amount with your Registration.)