9:00 - 9:50 winter classes

101a: Quilting (hour 1).  Our project will be a combination of hand embroidery and hand quilting that may be used to create a table runner, bag, placemat, or other project of your choosing. In the first class we will cover those possibilities and discuss supplies needed for your project. Students should bring some light-colored fabric (five 5-inch squares) onto which you’ll transfer embroidery patterns. Aggie Benzing will lead this class. [This is a 2-hour class so be sure to also sign up for class 101b at 10:00.]


102: We will explore some of the discoveries about the universe that astronomers and space scientists have made that reach beyond what we can see via our naked eyes. We’ll discuss the instruments that astronomers use, what we know about stars, our own galaxy, other galaxies, the universe, and the possibility of finding life outside the Earth. This will be a descriptive and visual class and we will use illustrations and a few charts. We will not be using math, and you need not have taken the Summer 2019 class to benefit from this course. Just bring your questions and your curiosity. Jim Collins will lead this class.


103:  Supreme Court. .  In this video-based class, we will look at Supreme Court cases that established the right to remain silent and the right to privacy, and reviewed affirmative action, among other issues. This is the final installment of this series. You do not need to have participated in previous classes to attend this one. Previous students need to bring their copies of the Constitution. Mary Anne McMillen will be your class facilitator.      

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