At their February meeting, your Shepherd’s Center Board voted to resume classes in October provided the Covid-19 situation continues to improve. We are actively planning a schedule and talking with interested teachers and facilitators. Here is a glimpse of possible subjects to look forward to: EBAY/PAYPAL, Hymn Sing, Introduction to Bell Ringing, Poetry, Bible Study, Musical History Tour, Manifest Destiny, German, Bulky Blanket Craft, plus Speakers from One Senior Center, Aging Matters, Waste Management, Sheriff Ivy Cyber Safety, Palm Bay Housing Inspector, Calvary Chapel Missionary Work.   

We are an affiliate of the Shepherd’s Center of America and there are exciting possibilities being discussed for a library of classes and speaker presentations available over the internet, which could augment our local program. We will be monitoring developments for opportunities to enrich our classes.

Financially, we are treading water. We can pay this year’s “cost of doing business” bills. We are grateful for those who stepped up last spring with generous donations, which made this possible. Going forward, we will be depending on tuition and the continuing generosity of those who donate over and above the regular tuition. We plan to keep the tuition low to enable everyone to attend; however, after 18 months of no regular income we will need the extra amounts from those who can afford to add an additional donation their tuition payment.

Your Shepherd’s Center 2021 officers are: Mary Anne McMillen, President; Helga Bromm, Vice-President; Mary Beth Moseley, Secretary; and Rick Rakauskas, Treasurer. Over the past year, we have had some Board resignations. We will miss the wise counsel of Ann Dawkins, Peg Currie, Ann Keily and Donna Wolford. We have added the following new members: Sonia Jarrett, Nina Loeber and Dan Wagman and look forward to their contributions to our Adventures in Learning program.

For the latest updates, be sure to frequently check the website